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May 2007
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Peace in the City
Meditation in Coventry
New CCC Director
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Peace in the City
Sunday 13 May
On Sunday, 13th May (10 am - 5 pm) Jamyang will host a variety of therapies and classes, which aim to relax the body and calm the mind. The idea, a brainchild of Gerry with William's assistance, is to help raise much-needed funds for Jamyang's ancient heating system. It will also, hopefully, encourage members of the general public who may not have visited the Centre before to experience its very special peace and tranquillity and enjoy therapies which are normally beyond the pocket of many. If you would like to help out on the day, for however long, please contact Jane ([email protected]). And do come along to enjoy a top to toe experience while helping Jamyang at the same time! If you can help advertise the event that would be much appreciated. Leaflets and posters are available in the main entrance. Cakes and fruit very welcome for the day. Also flowers to decorate the gompas and dining room.  Many thanks.

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Jamyang Coventry

A Series of Monday Evening Classes
by Ven. Lobsang Dawa

Starting Monday April 23rd.

The Koco Building - The Arches

Spon End - Coventry CV1 3JQ

7:30 - 9:00 p.m. £4/£2

Jamyang Coventry, is a satellite study group of Jamyang Buddhist Center London Affiliated to the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition. [email protected]

download flyer here

New Director for the Courthouse Community Centre, Jamyang's subsidiary charity for social action in the wider community.

The Board of Trustees for the Courthouse Community Centre (CCC) charity is very pleased to say that Jane Sill has kindly offered her services as director of CCC (part-time unpaid volunteer, 0.5 days a week) for the next two years.  Jane responded to our advert and impressed our selection panel with her experience and practical approach.  Jane brings a wealth of experience in developing sustainable community self help projects and has already started looking at ways in which CCC can help others.  The post had been vacant for over two years and CCC was in need of a fresh burst of energy and tender loving care.

So if you have been wondering what has been happening in CCC, other than the Repaying The Kindness service offered by Estelle and Clare, and would like to offer your skills and expertise to create sustainable long term projects that offer practical help to people please do make contact with Jane and share your skills and enthusiasm.
Welcome to the May edition of GentleVoice. The last month has been one of retreat and rest here at Jamyang. Geshe Tashi led his first Easter Retreat which people really enjoyed and then a number stayed on to do Nyung Nay fasting retreats. After a rest we're ready to start our summer term and we have some amazing events for you, notably a Feng Shui Weekend, a day of Therapies for you to try and Saka Dawa - the main buddhist festival of the year on the 31 May. Geshe Tashi will be starting his classes again on the 8 & 9 May. much love,  Kerry Prest. Ed.
Bodhicitta by Geshe Tashi Tsering
Part 2/3 of a teaching that Geshe Tashi gave in Bodhgaya in 2006 on the Mind of Enlightenment, or Bodhicitta. This is a short extract; the full teaching is available here.
Geshe-la on Pilgrimage
Now I want to take this a little bit further by considering what it means when we say to cultivate that mind within ourselves. Cultivate in the sense of extending our present mind, a mind which we already have here and now. Our mind already has the ability to feel sympathy and empathy when we encounter people or other sentient beings experiencing difficulties. When we see people who have some difficulties, maybe health difficulties, when we see this kind of situation we naturally have this feeling of empathy or a feeling of sympathy. So when we say cultivate compassion or develop compassion what we mean is to extend that mind, to extend that feeling of empathy. At the present, although we have got that feeling, it is very much limited, limited in terms of the number of people we apply it to. We have that feeling but only for very selective people, or very selective sentient beings. We don't feel empathy for some groups of sentient beings, when they are having difficulty. Instead of sympathy or empathy we feel the opposite feeling. So what it means here to develop or cultivate compassion within us is to try to learn to extend, to expand, that feeling, the feelings, which we already have for the select few. For example, when our best friend is ill or when we see a stranger having some difficulties on the street we feel that sympathy or empathy. But we don't feel that for a person who causes us some pain or difficulty or for a person who causes us or our friends or relatives some harm. To those people, to those sentient beings, when they are having difficulties, whether they are, physical difficulties, financial difficulties or whatever difficulties they have, we don't feel empathy; we don't have the same feelings which we have towards the people who are our friends or the feelings we have to want to help some kinds of strangers.



Monday's @ 7:30pm
Meditation & Relaxation
Buddhist Meditation
Tuesday's @ 7:30pm
Meditation by Kamalashila
with Geshe Tashi
Wednesday's @ 7:30pm
Foundation of All Good Qualities
with Geshe Tashi
Thursday's @ 7:30pm
Discovering Buddhism:
Mind and It's Potential


Saturday 5 - Monday 7
Feng Shui Weekend

Thursday 10

Geshe Tashi @ Alternatives
Saturday 12
Friends Tea Party - if you are a subscribed friend of Jamyang please speak to the office to find out about the special event.
Sunday 13
Peace in the City
Sat 26 & Sun 27
Chenrezig Retreat
Monday 28
Lama Zopa Celebration
Thursday 31
Discovering BuddhismDiscovering Buddhism

This term sees the start of our Discovering Buddhism programme on Thursday evenings, and module 1 is The Mind and It's Potential. Find out exactly what the mind is according to Buddhism and how we can use this definition to experience calm and equanimity in our lives.

Discovering Buddhism can be studied in different ways. It can be just used as a drop in class whenever you have time, or it can be studied at a module at a time where you commit to the 6 week module. This requires some extra reading material and a one-day retreat at the end of the module. There are 14 modules all together, with module 14 being practices to do in your own time.

To find out more about this class please feel free to contact Esther or Kerry at the office. For more in-depth information about the programme, please see the FPMT website. This course is particularly suitable for beginners.

Feng Shui Weekends

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