Friends Supper Social 2023: A Heartfelt Celebration

Last Friday, on the 15th of September, we came together for a heartwarming and joyous evening at our annual Friends Supper Social. This event is our special way of expressing our profound gratitude to all of you who have generously supported the Jamyang Buddhist Centre.

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Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community at Jamyang London Buddhist Centre

We are excited to announce that the Rainbow Sangha – LGBTQ+ Buddhist Gathering of Jamyang London Buddhist Centre has been awarded a grant as part of this year’s LGBTQ+ Futures: Faith Fund from the Consortium for Stronger LGBTQ+ Communities.

Digitising the Dharma

Did you know that in the basement of Jamyang London Buddhist Centre, there lies an extensive audio cassette collection?

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Introducing the Masterplan: Our Long-term Vision for the Old Courthouse

Jamyang Buddhist Centre  - Renovation Project
New vision of Jamyang Buddhist Centre

Jamyang London Buddhist Centre has long been a spiritual home for the Buddhist community in London, finding its roots at the Old Courthouse on Renfrew Road in 1995. As the organisation continues to grow & evolve, it is ever more clear that a new architectural vision will support the long-term strategic goals of the organisation, distilled into five essential priorities:

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Animal Blessings at Jamyang London Buddhist Centre

In the tapestry of Buddhist traditions, the practice of extending blessings to animals holds a special place. Rooted in compassion and a deep reverence for all forms of life, Buddhist animal blessings reflect the core values of interconnectedness, kindness, and mindfulness.

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