Celebrating Losar – The New Tibetan Year!

Let’s Celebrate Losar Together

During Losar- Tibetan New Year –  people celebrate with ancient ceremonies, Lamas chanting, people cheering for the coming new year with dancing, singing, and merrymaking.
At Jamyang London, we too will be celebrating on Saturday 12 March, with an evening of entertainment, group practice, and a social supper hosted by Venerable Fabienne and the Jamyang Team.

Our annual Tibetan New Year event will be the first of this year’s exclusive events for Jamyang Friends. This event is an expression of our gratitude to our benefactors.

If you are not a ‘Friends of Jamyang’ but want to celebrate with us, you can now join the new Friends of Jamyang membership scheme, and new get benefits, invitations to exclusive events, and support Jamyang in all of its activities.

Join today and celebrate with us.