About Contemplative Education

Based on contemplative practices – practices that enable the moment-by-moment examination of subjective experience, including our relation to others – contemplative education is especially useful for those who would like to study the wisdom and mind science that are the foundation of Buddhism without necessarily becoming involved in the religious aspects of the practice.  

Science & Wisdom LIVE

SWL addresses the collective challenges that we are facing in our contemporary world by investigating new tools to promote individual and collective wellbeing, which are grounded in ethical values and informed by scientific research.

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Universal Meditation

Secular meditation for everybody

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Mindful Movement

A program of physical-based classes that are focused on mindfulness and wellbeing.

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Lighthouse Dialogues

Twice or thrice a year, author Vicki MacKenzie will interview spiritual ‘lighthouses’, experienced contemplative practitioners whose wisdom and compassion could function as a lighthouse – a beacon of light and understanding – for our society.

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