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Reality Unfolding – A conversation with Prof Basil Hiley on Bohmian Physics

April 22, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Prof Basil Hiley on Bohmian Physics
Science & Wisdom LIVE presents Reality Unfolding – A conversation with Prof. Basil Hiley on Bohmian Physics.

About this Event

A long-term collaborator of David Bohm, Basil Hiley is a Professor Emeritus of London University and one of the foremost theoretical physicists of our times.

Together with Bohm, he worked on the deep philosophical questions of quantum physics, trying to shed light on the invisible processes that give rise to our reality.

The main idea behind their work, summarised in ‘The Undivided Universe’, is that reality as we perceive it is just a surface phenomenon, emerging from a deeper underlying order. Similarly, Buddhism and other contemplative traditions point to the existence of an invisible, more fundamental level of reality that can be investigated through meditation.

In this online Science & Wisdom LIVE event, Prof. Hiley will enter in conversation with Scott Snibbe, host of the podcast ‘A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment’. They will discuss Prof. Hiley’s collaboration with David Bohm and the similarities between scientific understanding and contemplative insight. The dialogue will compare different interpretations of quantum mechanics and how they can provide us with a deeper understanding of our mind, life, and reality.

About Science & Wisdom LIVE:
Science & Wisdom LIVE is a project of Jamyang London Buddhist Centre.

Each dialogue explores the middle ground between science and contemplative wisdom, focusing on themes such as the ethics of artificial intelligence, gender equality, climate change, and the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for mental health.

Find Out More: www.sciwizlive.com

How to Join

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Join the conversation LIVE on Zoom! You will receive a link via email after registering for the event. After the dialogue, there will be plenty of time for questions and debate