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Kamlo Chen-Duffy

Thanks for bringing up this topic, Scott – it gave me some food for thought. I think self-awareness comes in degrees – and for me meditation is in part a process of gradually becoming more self-aware, if by that we mean developing a clear and realistic perception of yourself. I think I can confidently say practicing meditation has made me more self-aware on several levels: awareness of the stories and personal histories that go into forming my ‘identity’, awareness of the processes of the mind and body, etc. Sometimes it seems like a glimmer of self-awareness shows you how little you actually have, which makes me think that the percentage of truly self-aware people is probably even less than 15 percent!

This question reminds me of a practice that I heard Bob Thurman speak about in one of his talks, where you imagine yourself as the other person looking back at you when speaking to someone. Perhaps you know the name of this practice? I tried it for a little while and it was a very surreal experience – I could see the potential it had for improving relationships but it definitely was a bit destabilising, because you de-center your own perspective in your experience of the world. If that makes sense…