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alessia bulgari

Hello dear all. Dear Kamlo, I rejoice in your experience of smooth plateaus!
I feel I make no progress at all in meditation, what a disaster!
And the more I see this, the less I actually sit and put the effort.
I do the practices, as these come easier to me: I follow a texts, recite prayers, chant mantras and all that… it is like being guided, and maybe it does help the aspect of concentration… but it is quite rare that I have enough concentration during these to actually feel a real connection ( to the Three Jewels, the Guru, or the Deity of the specific practice); sometimes I am more like a parrot, and when I see this I get angry and end up procrastinating…
Of course, as in mountain climbing, some days are better than others, but generally these days I am experiencing a decrease of both effort and, obviously, concentration. So this progress is, at this time, reversed… argh…
I wonder, how can I say I have faith and still not put enough effort!? Am I , after all, more a skeptic than I thought? Or is it just laziness?
Much love to you all!