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Sajda van der Leeuw

Hi everyone,

My name is Sajda van der Leeuw and although I grew up with a lot of Buddhism around, thanks to my mother, I didn’t start to meditate until about 8 years ago. I did try out all sorts of other things, like Aikido, Tai Chi, Yoga, and other ways to train both the body and mind. Yet it was not until I started with a serious meditation practice every day that I started to feel the benefits of meditation. After some long retreats and life-changing experiences, I’m now a committed practitioner and I’m trying to bring my work together with my contemplative practice.

However, I’ve still lots to learn! And the first session was so inspiring!

I work part time for Jamyang and I’m also one of the project managers for Science & Wisdom LIVE,, through which I’m also benefitting from Scott’s wisdom, as he moderates our talks and dialogues! Feeling very grateful for all of this.

So thank you so much, Scott and Stephen, for taking us on this wonderful journey through meditation and the Lamrim! And see you soon.