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Katrin Veicht

Dear ALL,
thank you for sharing all your experiences and thoughts!
That helps a lot to get clearer.
@Kamlo – I like that – meditation is not only on the cushion – Lama Yeshe once said: you can even do it in the bathroom…. I feel meditation
and awareness or being aware are very close.

Thanks to that programme I started my practice again – believing in even a tiny drop of water fills a glass in the end….
I try to sit down and don’t expect anything – just be and let go.
Which is not easy at all, sometimes – sometimes it is easy.

Then I have a question:
Does anyone of you had that experience – when sitting for a while and the mind gets clear and the thoughts settle down
there are pictures coming up, very clear ones, like a slight show. The first time I had this, the pictures were
not clear at all. But I could see, there a children playing at a playground. Lately they are clearer and they go very quickly. It is not like
visualizing, it’s like they are shown in front my inner eye, eyes closed…? I have no idea what that means???

Thank you – all best!