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Hello Stephen, Kamlo, Laura and Sajda!
Hello fellow colleagues,

I’m Fernanda and I live at Portugal, Lisbon.
I have no experience in Buddhism and I come from a very Catholic country. I never saw myself as a believer and since young age I feel myself attracted to Buddhist mindset and meditation.
As I got older, I have been trying to incorporate that practice in my mundane life. I have no formal education at it. Only a deep feeling of belonging and a profund believe about the major gains of controlling the mind. I’m a nurse and, through all my life, I have seen the potencial of the mind, of self knowledge, of awareness.. And the unbelievable effects on quality of life, physical health, emotional and relational health.
I discovered the podcast when searching for something that guided my need for meditation and learning and I found you.

Thanks for the amazing opportunity for learning and to improve my life.
I’m at the beggining of a probably long but fulfilling path.

Sorry for my English.

Kind regards to all,