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Sarah Leach

Hi Diana, that sounds like a real struggle for you. I don’t know how I could be a Buddhist and not accept reincarnation.I think we are fortunate to have Geshe Namdak as our teacher with his interest in science. At the last teaching weekend he mentioned exploring the available research on reincarnation and cited in particular the work of Ian Stevenson and his successor Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia. Stevenson used both quantative and qualitative methodology in his lifelong study of reincarnation (often relating it to birthmarks) and his work was continued by his colleague Jim Tucker after his death. I also found the work of Michael B Sabom a cardiologist convincing when I read it as an impressionable teenager in the 80s. They have published books which are available on Abe books etc. Their work also features in the new Netflix series “Surviving Death” so if you ignore all the silly medium stuff and skip to the last episode you can see a couple of pretty compelling interviews with Westerners who remember their past lives where the evidence for this was collected and documented by Stevenson and Tucker. Logically it is the only thing that makes sense to me and this evidence reinforces that. I realise that it might not help if you are struggling conceptually but I thought I would post an answer just in case it does:)