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Jackie Yip

Hi Diana, if you have a block, maybe good to relax and don’t think about it for a while. Over exercised is straining for our muscles – including brain and emotions. We need to relax again. Think or do other things. Watch a movie or listen to music. Do something else that you enjoy.

We are not reborned each day when we wake up. I reborn into another life only when my current life as Jackie has ended.

To my understanding ‘only Dharma can help during time of death’ is Buddhists believe there is another life coming after we pass away from our current one. And this life if not our first life. We have others before this. Maybe in another form, in the same or another sphere/realms/dimension whatever we want to call it. Only Dharma (practice) will be helpful during the time of death – methods to help dying peacefully and with a good heart helps the process of dying.

Prof. Jim B Tucker and Dr. Ian Stevenson were mentioned by Geshe Namdak in class. They are Westeners who did extensive research into ordinary kids/people who reincarnated found in our modern time. Agree with Sarah, on Netflix ‘Surviving Death’ ep. about near death experiences and ep.3 about Reincarnation.
Found this video ‘Is there Live After Death?’ by University Virginia moderated by John Cleese. Hope it helps but if not, do reach out to us again.