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Sarah Leach

Hello Everyone
I’m Sarah and I live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

I love having a place to debate the dharma online!I have been interested in Buddhism since I was a teen in the 80s then i did my first degree in Religious Studies at Lancaster Uni and started practicing there. That course threw us straight into the Vajrayana and I thought I understood emptiness and had all the answers, haha! In the past few decades since, I have learned that I have a lot more learning to do! I have struggled however to find the lineage and teacher that felt right, so have dabbled a great deal.

It has also been overwhelming but wonderful to have so much choice of the most amazing teachers online as a result of the pandemic and I feel so fortunate, especially to have been looking at just the right time to find Geshe Namdak teaching the BP.

I am the education visits coordinator at Jamyang Leeds and I am very happy to meet you all and share our thoughts on the dharma. 🙂

PS How have others managed to get their photo on the site? I can’t find how to do that.