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Sarah Leach

Jared, I have just coincidentally finished reading your full paper which I found really useful! Is it ok if I download it and cite it in discussions? Thank you for putting all that information together and for sharing it, it is a considered and scholarly piece of work. I also love the term “quantum head scratcher” :). It has sent me off looking for any research on sophisticated AI being classed as a conscious observer in experiments (ie something far more than a detector or the AI in the classic Lycan idea of robots and minds). I am so interested in the idea of the idea of the conscious and unconscious observer, interpretation and meaning. All the links you provide to further reading and works are brilliant, I am busy following them now and reflecting on them.

Diana the Guardian article is really helpful, thank you so much for that.

Tahlia that is so interesting. As a psychotherapist I have a lot of clients who come to me trying to disentangle their own thoughts and beliefs from those of their parents and societies. I think during meditation we can break that down and begin analysing for ourselves what we actually know to be true and separating it from what feels innate but is conditioned. I always thought that being born into a Buddhist culture would have given me an advantage in understanding its concepts but now I can see there is work to be done there too particularly with the idea of “don’t take my word for it examine it for yourself” which my old teacher often said. Thank you so much for sharing.

Alessia, this is wonderful, I love the Voltaire and the logic.