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Tiziana Amendola

Hello all and Diana as I will try to give you my point of view on reincarnation.

Despite being born a catholic and having actually studied for years at a catholic school with nuns, I very early generated a conviction that reincarnation is the only logical explanation. Here are some ideas and events that led me to it:

1) We are not separated by any natural phenomena around us therefore we must be part of it. > if everything around me constantly gets transformed from one state to another, why shouldn’t that apply to me as well? i.e. a seed that blooms into a flower that transforms into a fruit, creating new seeds and so on in an continual life-cycle
2) there is this “law” that stuck with me since I was a teen; “nothing is created or destroyed but everything is transformed”. This is actually the first law of Thermodynamic and relates to energy but because of it, I’ve always thought that it would be extremely inefficient to turn into nothing after we die. Where would all that energy go? also, what about all the millions or billions of people who have lived before me? True, there are infinite places in the universe so there might be enough space for any new “creation” it just looks really not smart/efficient to me. It makes much more sense to simply move from one body (or state) to another.
3) When I was around 16, I think, I once sit in my room to meditate (utterly spontaneous not sure why, but I’ve always been drawn towards it) and I clearly remember a sort of instant in which I had this grasping of…well it’s a bit difficult to explain but the image I retained is that of an infinite beautiful drawing where each individual is a dot contributing to it. So part of everything but distinct from it. I also had a clear vision of time as one flow where past present and future are all there at the same time. I’ve since used it to explain why some people are able to see future or past events, by simply tapping to this flow through states in which the “mind or consciousness” is briefly separated or partially free from the limits of a physical body.
4) At Uni, for an English exam, we were given to read “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra a physicist who has lay down the similarities between the subatomic physics’ new theories (at the time the book was written, as new discoveries have been made since) and eastern philosophies as Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhist. That book has been a revelation to me. It has really convinced me that the reason why we are unable to understand reality is because we look at the world in a very limited way. I am rereading it now after more than 20 years and it’s even more mind blowing. One of the things that really shocked me is that not only subatomic physics had to rewrite the common concepts of time and space but also matter. It clearly states that matter is also energy (please forgive my very ignorant and incorrect explanation), so why can’t we be consciousness (immaterial) and matter (body) at the same time? It’s just a logical conclusion to me.The other main point is that everything is connected and there is nothing that has an “inherent” nature. Everything depends on everything else. Everything exists because of this interdependence.

This is how I came to the conclusion that reincarnation and karma are just the logical explanation of the natural laws.