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Bay Thongtheppairot

Hi all,
I’m Bay from San Jose, California. I grew up in Thailand. I’m fortunate to be living now close to the Ocean of Compassion Center in Campbell. I’m so grateful to have been introduced to the Mahayana tradition through FPMT. My first FPMT course was Discovering Buddhism’s Mind and Its Potential with Venerable Drimay back in 2004. After DB, I took the Foundation of Buddhist Thought with Geshe Tashi via distance learning. The seeds that had been planted in the early years of my DB and FBT classes have led me to be on the Dharma path, and to the BP course today (Thanks to MaryEllen who informed me about the BP). I’m grateful for Geshe Namdak, and the Jamyang coordinators who have made this program possible. I’m looking forward to be on the BP path together with this community of Dharma friends.