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Stephen Butler

Bem-vindo Fernanda!

Your English is great and I really found what you wrote moving.

Thank you so very much for being part of the course and for saying hello. We are so glad that you could be part of what Jamyang has so kindly made available. They are amazing and have so many programs for all levels of interest. Thanks for listening to the podcast as well.

I was raised Catholic and have so much gratitude for growing up in a kind and devoted household.

I was really touched by your words about trying to integrate meditation and self-reflection into one’s life. That notion of integration is really where the work gets done right?

I found it so interesting to read that you felt “…a profound (belief) about the major gains of controlling the mind.” Do you feel this belief came from your experiences as a nurse? You touched upon the evidence-based benefits of meditation and self-reflection practices with such sincerity. I would love to hear more.