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Sarah Leach

Hi Libuse, thank you for such an interesting post! I like your shopping bag analogy and I have attempted to answer using the same analogy. Happy to be corrected or discuss with anybody. Here is what I thought:
We perceive we are in a supermarket. Our mental continuum is like a shopping trolley in a supermarket. Our current life is the bag you mention which is affected by what is already in the shopping trolley good and bad. The contents of the trolley give it the momentum, and steer the trolley down a certain aisle. However, your bag in the trolley has the ability at anytime to begin to affect what is in the trolley itself and steer it down the right aisle. The goods picked up and placed in the shopping bag in the right aisle contain the capacity for your whole trolley to see there is no real difference between all the bags in your trolley, and all the bags in all the trolleys in the supermarket. By mistakenly thinking there is you keep going round and round the supermarket in bag after bag after bag. By the time you get to the tlll from the right aisle, with all the right goods in your bag, you will be able to see that the perception of the bag, trolley and supermarket itself is wrong.Then the walls of the supermarket fall away and “your” trolley can see the reality that there is and isn’t a supermarket or trolleys, both and neither at the same time. All is emptiness which is itself something and nothing, both and neither, at the same time. At this point “your” bag and trolley can opt to hang around the supermarket trying to help other bags to guide their trolleys down the right aisle, at the same time as being empty of own being. It is almost impossible to understand this inside the supermarket without our bag containing realisations.
Your trolley must have some great stuff in it for your bag to be on this course! 😊