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Jared K. Jones

Ah, sorry about that, Laura. I was planning on Mon and Fri this week, per the post above, both at 9:00PM.

Next week we can go Mon, Weds, Friday (or Sat) if everyone/a few people are on board. Any thoughts, everyone?

Nidhi, my knowledge of the grounds and paths is quite limited. However, my understanding is that the 8th Bhumi onwards is equivalent to Pratimokshayana Arhatship, in terms of being liberated from suffering. The Delusive Obstructions have been removed, just like they are removed from the mind of a Theravada Arhat.

The Bhumi’s then all have to do with increasingly subtle levels of direct realisation of emptiness, removing subtler and subtler obstructions. So, the Bhumi’s are concerned with the Path of Seeing onwards, in my understanding.

However, even after the 8th Bhumi, the Bodhisattva continues to emanate many bodies and forms – out of compassion and bodhicitta -continuing the process of removing the Cognitive Obstructions, the hindrances to Full Awakening.

So, is a Bodhisattva continually reborn in samsara until they attain Full Awakening? I do not see how this could be so. Samsara is not a place; it is the mind which sees phenomena as inherently existent, and then generates afflictions, karma, rebirth, and so forth. The Bodhisattva on the 8th+ Bhumi has no more gross afflictions and emanates rather than taking rebirths.

One might wonder, who is emanating? What is this action of emanation? Where is the emanation itself? Is an upper-level Bodhisattva taking rebirth in samsara or not? I think there are some good ruminations to be had surrounding all these things.