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    Vicky Forrester

    Hi Scott, Stephen, Kamlo & all,
    Thanks so much for this course; in meditation these weeks have brought positive influence on daily being 🙂
    As you may be aware, today is Mother’s Day in the Uk. Mother, daughter, niece, aunt, sister, friend -I am and have all of these and today I feel connection at all levels, expanding beyond self. But the UK today also carries a terrible loss of a beautiful being. I didn’t know her personally, but I really feel for those who did. And with every attempt at meditation I’m caught in empathetic thoughts (shock, pain, tears)for those who were her connections. And I wish instead that I could send love, because they don’t need to feel the extra pain of my heart’s broken beats.
    Which brings me back to a previous Skeptic’s discourse Scott, about empathy vs compassion (hope I’m remembering correctly? As mentioned before, I have post- accident challenges to memory)…empathy is heartfelt, but I can see and feel that it’s not the healer…and I wonder how possibly to release that gutty, empathy response, to reach that place where love is all?
    (Hope this is ok to ask)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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