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    Stephen Butler

    Hello all!

    How did people find the discussions on finding and inner refuge that was shared last week? For those who identify as Buddhists and practice the path, Refuge is defining characteristic of what makes one Buddhist from the point of view of conduct.

    What Scott shared was a way to approach refuge in a different way, one that centered around connecting with one’s awareness and feeling confidence in that ability.

    How do some of you relate to or define refuge on the path that you are on?



    Laura Watson

    Hi Stephen, I found that the session sparked off some useful and interesting self reflection. Scott’s question at the beginning “who are you when you are alone” kept coming back to me, and I learned that food, tv,knitting, downloading with friends, as well as walking in nature are all refuges when I feel disturbed. It helped me connect with the disturbing feelings that drive me to seek refuge.

    Meditation and faith remain my ultimate refuges but sometimes when i am very disturbed i need to remove myself first before I am able to connect with them.

    I found it a useful and interesting session, thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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