Fundraising ‘Honouring the Lineage’.The goal is getting closer!

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Thanks to the latest donations We are getting closer to our fundraising goal of £12,000.

We have reached £9,487  so far and, here the list of the generous donors.

A big thank you to our donors:

Jan Andresen, Jo Backus, Robin Bath, Alessia Bulgari, Kamlo Chen-Duffy, Paula Chichester, Stephen Crawford, Jo Gillibrand, Delia Hauser, Nick Holzinger, Thomas Johnston, Sophie Kaiser, Martinus Klaassen, Sarah Leach, Stuart Marshall, Sam Mette, Michael Murray, Lena Nordstrand, Alejandra Paez, Radu Patrascan, Gill Peters, Diana Pisani, Elliot Rose, Natasha Ryabova, Pempa lhamu Samuels, Jyoti Shah, Christian Specht, Katrin Veicht, Daphne Weedall,  Paul Wells, Emily Westhead and all the Anonymous Donors.

We want to thank them with these words from Geshe Tenzin Namdak says:

“Thank you for your kind and positive contributions toward bringing the lineage of our tradition to Jamyang. Seeing, remembering, and hearing about this project creates an unbelievable strong karmic connection with the Buddha and his teachings to always meet this profound spiritual path until enlightenment is achieved. And as a community, it is an incredible opportunity to accumulate merit for our Jamyang family. This will help us to remove obstacles of our individual spiritual paths and of Jamyang’s projects to alleviate the sufferings of sentient beings.”

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Help us to reach our goal! There is still time to make an impact.

Any donation big or small helps us.