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  • The Jamyang Review, July 2018

  • Jamyang Buddhist Centre trustees meeting 15th July 2018 – synopsis of minutes

The Jamyang Review, July 2018

This June, the trustees began a process of reviewing how Jamyang functions, with the aim of finding out how we can move into the future in a more collaborative, transparent and community-focused manner so that Jamyang can continue to be of benefit to the many different people who come through our doors.
Ros Boughtflower, a trained facilitator is leading the review using a technique of Action Inquiry to interview 25-30 people in order to delve into some knotty and thought provoking questions such as: Is Jamyang still relevant in a busy modern city? Does Jamyang offer good quality courses and a comprehensive programme? How well do you think the centre is being managed?
Ros is working with a diverse steering group consisting of Nat Bolonkin, Pete Karolewski, Mike Murray, Radek Skrzypczak, Judy Watchman and Francesca Sanchez to help identify the key areas to explore in the interviews. The steering group has also identified the range of users of Jamyang (the Buddhist Centre and building), the Courthouse Community Centre and the Cafe to ensure that these groups get a chance to feed into the interview process via a representative.
Interviews have now started and Ros hopes to finish these by early Sept. The findings from the responses, including suggested areas to focus on for the future, will then be pulled together with the steering group. The whole community will then have the opportunity to explore and evolve these initial findings as part of the Community Day on 22 September led by Ros with the support of Simon Keyes, who teaches dialogue and peace-building at the University of Winchester. The findings of this evolved review will then be presented by Ros and the trustees at Jamyang's 40th Anniversary celebrations on the afternoon of Saturday 6th October.
Following on from October, the trustees will work with staff and others to find ways to implement the key findings from the Review.


About Ros Boughtflower


 Ros’ passion is to help people find meaningful solutions to their challenges and reach a deeper level of happiness. She is a coach, facilitator, change agent and mindfulness teacher and has worked on change and stakeholder engagement programs in a wide range of international organisations. She works across business, not for profit organisations, government, community based organisations, within the NHS and in education. She holds a Masters in Responsible Business, combines Action Inquiry methodologies and Mindfulness based solutions, and is a qualified coach. Ros is based in Somerset, is a long-term student of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and is often to be found on retreat. She has a joyful and compassionate approach and draws on her dharma background to offer an accessible and modern secular approach.

 Jamyang Buddhist Centre trustees meeting 15th July 2018 – synopsis of minutes

The meeting agenda was divided according to the three main areas of responsibility of the trustees: governance, finances and strategic development. This synopsis attempts to cover all the main items that were discussed, while excluding anything of a personal and confidential nature.


The meeting began with a motivation, and then a discussion about how the trustees can work together in the most efficient and harmonious way. The trustees looked at a document from the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), which outlines the skills needed on a charity board, and agreed to use this as a guide for selecting new trustees in the autumn. It was also agreed to use the NCVO legal checklist to ensure that Jamyang is fulfilling all its legal responsibilities, including the new GDPR regulations. Regular time will be put aside in future meetings to address staff, trustee and volunteer training needs, including a staff/trustee planning day. 


A sixth version of the 2018 Budget was scrutinized. A range of savings have been put in place, including a reduction in the paid staff team, which it is hoped will lead to a deficit of around £10,000 this year, compared to the much larger deficit predicted earlier in the year and the £43,000 deficit incurred in 2017, largely as a result of the building works on the north wing. It’s clear that Jamyang will need to pay very careful attention to income and expenditure for the foreseeable future so as not to further deplete its financial reserves. A new set of bank signatories was agreed to replace the trustees who have recently resigned. There was a general discussion about the income that Jamyang currently receives from room rentals, individual tenancies and organizational tenancies, and about plans to improve the quality of the facilities and the booking system for the Tara Room and library. It was noted that The Meridian Trust will vacate its current office at Jamyang from the end of September.

Strategic Development

 There was an progress report about instigating a feasibility study into securing the future of the FBT and Lam-rim Chenmo courses by setting up a new Jamyang charitable company dedicated to providing high quality online learning. There was a progress report on the Jamyang Review, which is now underway. Phase One will consist of 25-30 personal interviews carried out by Ros Boughtflower, and Phase Two will consist of an open day on Saturday 22 September where everyone will be invited to share their comments. Plans for the 40th Anniversary on 5th – 6th October are now in place, and there was a discussion about the importance of inviting all the students who have contributed to the past growth and development of the centre. It was agreed that the search for a new Resident Teacher, Director and SPC should take place after the completion of the Review, when the future direction of the centre and the skills needed to take this forward have been clarified. There was a brief report from members of the Café board, who have been working with Ilaria the Café manager to clarify its financial position and future plans. The final topic was the importance of introducing better monitoring and evaluation of Jamyang’s activities as soon as resources allow. 

The meeting closed with a dedication of the merits created by coming together and working for the benefit of the centre and of all sentient beings.




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