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DAGRI RINPOCHE visit - A rain of blessings

We are very pleased that the Dagri Rinpoche has kindly agreed to visit Jamyang London on his way through to the Land of Joy in Northumbria where he will give extensive teachings and then on to Jamyang Leeds.

As always, the visits of the high lamas depend on the ripening of the collective good energy of all the people intending to attend his teachings, and even in late June nothing will be fixed. So please continue to make strong prayers and generate the merit that we are fortunate enough for him to visit the UK, and while in the UK to visit us in London.

We have asked Rinpoche to continue his teaching of Lama Tsongkhapa's short graded path meditation text The Foundation of all Good Qualities and to kindly offer initiations.  

If the visit comes about we currently think the programme at Jamyang London will look like this:

On Friday 13 July evening from 7 - 9 pm he will teach from the Graded Path to Enlightenment meditation text The Foundation of All Good Qualities by Lama Tsongkhapa.

On Saturday 14 July afternoon from 2 -  5.30pm he will give initiations into the practice of 6 armed Mahakala and Green Tara.

On Sunday morning 15 July he will teach on the Foundation of All Good Qualities from 9.30 - 1130am.

Please note that Rinpoche will then go to Land of Joy the FPMT Retreat Centre in Northumbria, so that he can bless the place and be there for the First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma Buddha Day on Monday 16 July.  There will be no programme with him at Jamyang London on Sunday afternoon or on Monday 16 July.   

Please visit the event page on our website in late June to see the latest developments or sign up for our regular updates. As soon as we know what is happening we will share it with you.

TASHI LHUNPO MONKS: sand mandala & chanting

In the first week in July our long standing friend the monks of Tashilhunpo monastery will be with us making a Chenrezig sand mandala for compassion and peace in the world.  
They will start making it on Tuesday 3 July and finish making it on Saturday 7 July. 

On the evening of Tuesday 3 July at 7pm hey will offer a light heated fun evening of merit making activities like learning how to write Tibetan, how to print up prayer flags how to do offering mudras, how to use the tools for making sand mandalas, how to hold bell and drove and how to ring the bell etc etc.  

On Wednesday 4 July at 7pm they will offer an evening of chanted prayer and meditation sharing some the scared music traditions that are a speciality of the monastery.

The sand mandala will be broken down at around 8.30am on Sunday 8July, possibly earlier as they need to be away from us to go their next engagement by 10am.

They usually also set up a small shop and the proceeds go to support the monastery.  Last time they were with us it was yak hair blankets that were the hot sellers. The monks are friendly and fun.  Come along and meet them and see the sand mandala grow each day.

Mini City Retreats in July
Loving Kindness and Joy with Jo Gillibrand. 21 - 23 July
Jo Gillibrand, one of the Jamyang students in the last year of the Five Year FPMT Basic Programme being run at Jamyang London, is leading a 3 day City Retreat (i.e. from 10 to 5pm each day) from Saturday 21 to Monday 23 July.  The retreat will focus on the positive minds of loving kindness and Joy, both of which we could all do with a lot more of in our lives.  Do come along and take time out to bathe your heart in Kindness and Joy.
Graded Path to Enlightenment with Rhona Sayer. 26 - 29 July
Rhona Sayer, one of Geshe Tashi Tsering's senior students, is leading a four day City Retreat  9i.e. from 10am - 5pm each day) from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 July.  The retreat will focus on the meditations of the Graded Path to Enlightenment and Rhona will base the retreat content on Geshe Tashi's recent teaching of the Three Principal Aspects of the Path, that very meditation friendly short text by Tsongkhapa.  Looking at renunciation, altruism and the wisdom that sets us free, the retreat is a good opportunity to reinforce our wish to break out of unenlightened nonsense.


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