The Courthouse Community Centre (CCC) is the sister charity of Jamyang Buddhist Centre.

CCC is a non denominational charity which caters for the needs of people from within Jamyang but also the wider community from whatever background and religious affiliation or none. It aims to offer practical support through its various projects. CCC is headed up by a small team of Jamyang volunteers and staff.

Jane Sill is the P/T Community Manager who co-ordinates the various community engagement projects and oversees fundraising.

Vinod Ravi is the P/T Community worker who takes forward delivery of a number of the CCC projects and activities, including youth work.

You can call us on:

020 7820 9020 (the best time to call is on Tuesday or Thursday but you can always leave a message)

Or you can contact us via email:

Jane Sill: [email protected]

Vinod Ravi: [email protected]

Below are some of the projects currently being undertaken:

REPAYING THE KINDNESS (RTK) is the longest running project of CCC. It was established 12 years ago and has been offering activities and outings for carers who live in the area, including art, music and Chair Yoga. See the link to its own website ( for more details.

THE LONDON CENTRE FOR MINDFULNESS (LCfM) is newer. It oversees the delivery of MBSR courses, based on the methods of Jon Kabat Zinn, according to the stringent standards set by the University of Bangor. The course has been scientifically tested and approved, and has produced positive results in helping people cope with stress and mild depression using mindfulness practices. Courses are 8 weeks long with both morning and evening options. Drop in classes are run for course graduates to provide on-going support. Click on the link to its own website ( for details.

LUNCHTIME MEDITATION A weekly drop in lunchtime class takes place on Thursdays from 1-2 pm offering simple meditations which are secular in form. All are welcome.

HOLISTICAL HEALTH PROGRAMME CCC & JBC  provides a venue for others to deliver various health promoting activities and also supports their delivery in the community. Activities include:

CHI KUNG/TAI CHI on Monday evenings with Sifu Master William Walker, a senior student of the reknowned Master Lam, who has been teaching at Jamyang for many years. For further details or contact William on Tel: 0791 0549371.

CHAIR YOGA with Cathy Brebion on Tuesday mornings from 10.30-11.30 am. Tel: 07743 601504 for details.

SATYANANDA YOGA on Tuesday evenings with Judy Watchman. Tel: 020 8674 9844 for details.

HRIDAYA YOGA with Naz on Wednesday evenings. Tel: 07763 610864 for details,

PEACE IN THE CITY A drop in therapy day is organised quarterly, normally on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone is welcome to try out a taster complementary therapy session at reduced costs. These include reflexology, massage, shiatsu, reiki, Indian head massage and gong therapy. Introductory meditation, Yoga, Chi Kung & Tai Chi classes are also usually included. Details from the calendar.

DYING WELL is an open group that meets once every 4 months looking at ways to care for the chronically ill and dying. It also discusses our reactions to our own mortality and frailty and of those around us. The group is lightly facilitated by Sue Aldam and Robin Bath. Further information by clicking on the link to the left of this screen.

INTERFAITH (including intra Buddhism) Jamyang is one of the Buddhist representatives on the local Lambeth interfaith group, Faiths Together in Lambeth (FTiL). In such a diverse and multi-cultural borough and city, we think it very important that people of all faiths or none, while being open about their differences, model respect and tolerance for each other. This is being very much in tune with the Buddhist approach to living alongside other groups.

SCHOOL VISITS Jamyang welcomes students from primary and secondary schools, also colleges and universities, who would like to learn more about Buddhism as part of their religious studies. These visits are facilitated by long-term Jamyang members and are very popular.

FAMILY DAYS & COMMUNITY DHARMA AFTERNOONS Jamyang and CCC encourage family participation. The afternoons are free of charge and take place regularly during term time. Families are welcome to bring their children all ages. Geshe Tashi Tsering offers teachings to parents while the children enjoy activities such as making prayer flags and painting. Bring food to share. Details from the calendar.

NETWORK OF BUDDHIST ORGANISATIONS (NBO) Jamyang is represented on the UK Network and keeps in close contact with the Buddhist Society. It is through these 2 well established umbrella organisations that we keep up with the ever changing Buddhist scene in the UK. We also have close relations with the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of London University.

HOSPITAL AND PRISON CHAPLAINCY CCC provides a Buddhist chaplain to the chaplaincy team at the Royal Brompton Hospital. We encourage Buddhists in our community who wish to get involved in Buddhist hospital chaplaincy to work through the contact network at the Buddhist Society.

If you would like to offer to volunteer for any of the CCC projects or offer any material support, do e-mail Jane or Vinod. We should love to hear from you.

High 5 with the Buddha! School visits at Jamyang
High 5 with the Buddha! School visits at Jamyang

Learn how to meditate: School visits at Jamyang

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