Venerable Robina Courtin Weekend

Venerable Robina Courtin Weekend.


SAT - SUN | 10:00-17:00 | 27 - 28 APR

Suggested donation £70 for the two days


The development of compassion and, eventually, bodhichitta is the point of the path to enlightenment, the end result: the removal of all separateness from others and the spontaneous capacity to benefit all sentient beings perfectly.

Why “courageous”? Because genuine compassion encompasses all living beings, including the harmers, the negative ones, not just the innocent victims.

So, how to accomplish it? As His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, “Compassion is not enough: we need wisdom.” Without the development of renunciation of suffering and its causes (which comes from understanding of the law of karma and the workings of one’s own mind) and of the wisdom that sees reality as it is (which comes from understanding dependent arising and emptiness) one cannot fully develop such radical compassion.

During this weekend workshop of teachings, discussion, and meditation, we will investigate all aspects of the Buddha’s path to enlightenment in order to clearly understand this compassion and how it’s possible to become like the great bodhisattvas, who are fierce in their determination to never give up on sentient beings: they “think in terms of eons,” as His Holiness says.


Venerable Robina really needs no introduction. A close disciple of both of our founding lamas, and an editor of Lama Thubten Yeshe's books, she travels the world sharing her insight, humour, wisdom and direct honesty about the joys and challenges of developing into fully rounded healthy individuals unfettered by self-concern and self-obsession.

She is a long-term friend and supporter of Jamyang London and, yes, we are absolutely delighted that she has made time in her busy schedule to visit us again.

Check out one of her last talk available on youtube

Find out more about Ven. Robina


Suggested donation £70 for the two days

No-one will be turned away due the lack of funds 

Dharma teachings run on a 'Generosity model', completely on voluntary donations. By donating you will help create the conditions for the teachings to be available, the meals to be served, accommodations to be clean, for the doors to be open and the lights on. Therefore people of any faith or background are welcome.

Booking is mandatory because Jamyang can give you a better service.
You can book also your lunch!
At the cafe a vegan meal it will be available for 5 pounds, please let us know if you want to book it, sending an email to [email protected]



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Event date 28-04-2019 10:00 am
Event End Date 28-04-2019 5:00 pm
Suggested Donation 70
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