In Depth Buddhism

There are two FPMT In Depth Buddhism Programmes, the Basic Programme and the Masters Programme.  

The Basic Programme is now up and running in England with courses either running or planned in the South east (London), the South West (South Petherton, Somerset) and the North (Leeds).  

Recognising that, unless they are very large, it is very difficult for any one FPMT Centre or Group to provide the full range of FPMT Buddhist trainings on one site the long term aim is to create a residential centre which specialises in the In Depth courses so that practising Buddhists can engage more deeply with the key texts and practices of the Tibetan and Indian Buddhist traditions as they come down to us through the Geluk school.  

Currently for the Masters Programme you either have to do it online or do the courses being offered in France and Italy - please see below

FPMT Basic Programme at Jamyang London

Jamyang London now is coming to the end of its first certificated FPMT Basic Programme study course onsite in London.  Students from the first course will take the final exam in the late Spring of 2019

The course takes five years and involves the study of 12 subjects through the study of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist texts.
The course is completed by taking short written reviews of each text studied, undertaking a three month fairly intensive review period, taking an online exam and  completing three months of retreat meditating on the Gradual Path Meditations (which can be done either in one run or in three runs of one month each). 

The Basic programme course is the next in the series of graded FPMT
trainings after the Foundation Trainings of Discovering Buddhism and The Foundation of Buddhist Thought.

From 2019 to 2021 Discovering Buddhism will offered at Jamyang as a three year course taught mainly by Geshe Tenzin Namdak our resident teacher, supported by FPMT registered teachers of Discovering Buddhism closely connected with the communities of the London Centre.

Find out more about the Basic Programme here 

You can still register for the individual text modules that run in each programme. They are open to all.  

Next course in London

The next course in London may start in 2024 when the proposed course in Leeds (please see below) will be coming to an and.

Other In Depth Buddhism courses in London

In the meantime we will put on short weekend courses in London over the years 2019 to 2022 looking at selections from the texts and topics covered in the Basic Programme.  These are most likely to be run in the period January to May in each year.  They will be open to everyone.  Some familiarity with Tibetan Buddhism will be an advantage as they will not be pitched at the Introductory level . Geshe Tenzin Namdak, our resident teacher, may also teach some In Depth Buddhism topics when he is with us from June to November each year.  Please check the calendar for details.

Current and Future courses in the UK

The FPMT Study Group Saraswati Buddhist Centre in Somerset started its five-year Basic Programme in 2018 taught by the charismatic teacher Andy Wistreich. This course can be joined by Skype.  Please contact the Group directly for more information.

The FPMT Centre Jamyang Leeds in Yorkshire is planning to run a five year Basic Programme from 2020.  Please contact the Group directly for more information. 

In Depth Buddhism courses in Europe (France and Italy)

The FPMT centres of Nalanda monastery near Toulouse in France and Istitutp Lama Tzong Khapa near Pisa in Italy offer both In Depth courses in English on a residential or remote learning basis.  Please contact those centres directly to find out what opportunities are available.


The Basic Programme can also be done online and as a home study course.  
Please visit the FPMT Online Learning Centre to register and start studying.




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