Jamyang, as part of the FPMT, tries to provide a structured learning environment.

We use so four broad categories to guide people to the kind of Buddhist teaching on offer at any given event: Introductory, Foundation, In Depth, and Specialised. These categories are not rigid but are just to give a pointer about what to expect.


The introductory level is for complete beginners and people still finding out about what Buddhism is and what it has to offer.

There are two standard FPMT Introductory courses:

  • Meditation 101, and introduction to various kinds of meditation;
  • Buddhism in a Nutshell, and introduction to the key features of Tibetan buddhism as transmitted through the Geluk tradition; and 

Once a programme we try to run at least one of the introductory courses twice in the programme.

We also offer other Buddhist teachings for beginners and for people still finding out what Buddhism has to offer at an introductory equivalent level.

Teachings at the Introductory level currently run on Tuesday evenings and as one-day events at the weekend. Some courses offered at the Centre by visiting FPMT recognised teachers are also ideal for beginners.

Cant wait and happy to do these as home study courses?  Both these courses are available online.  Please visit the [FPMT Online Learning Centre], register and start learning.