We have an extensive archive of teachings given over the years at Jamyang. We house this in MP3 format for free download on the Internet Archive. Below you will find an A - Z list, click on the respective list to find the teacher you are looking for.

Teachers A - H

Teachers K - R

Teachers S - Z

You can either listen to the teachings directly on the internet. Click on the teacher you would like to listen to, then choose the teaching (highlighted). You will be re-directed to archive.org website.

In order to download the audio teachings, right-click on the audio file, then there will be an option 'Save Audio As', this will enable you to download the audio file.

Thanks to:
Gordon McDougall, Martin Boudin, Trisangma, Jan Andresen, Simon Saunders, Marianne Hartley, Ilana Gorban and all the volunteers who diligently recorded these teachings over the years.

For any questions you can contact us on info [at] jamyang.co.uk


Jamyang is an affiliated centre of the 
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

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