Twenty-two years ago, almost to the day, Jamyang moved into its ‘forever home’, here in South London.  After outgrowing our original ‘semi-detached’ in Finsbury Park, Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave us his blessing and approval; that the wonderful Old Courthouse in Kennington should become our new home.

This gave the original small group of Jamyang pioneers the confidence to move forward. Just over a hundred core supporters pledged an incredible £1,000 each to secure the building- such dedication to the Dharma and our future!

With this commitment and much hard work, our community restored the very fabric of the building and, over the next few years, it became imbued with FPMT culture and Buddhist wisdom and compassion: daily courses, weekend teachings, evening workshops and auspicious events.  Our dear Geshe Tashi, Jamyang’s wonderful resident teacher was joined by the greatest Tibetan Buddhist teachers of our time, including H.H. the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Jangtse Choje Rinpoche, Osel Hita, Dagri Rinpoche, to name just a few.

From the start, the Centre embraced the wider community: a wholesome cafe became a space where local residents could relax and our beautiful rooms welcomed all to enjoy teachings, meditation, yoga, family events, art workshops and ‘Peace in the City Weekends’. We had created an oasis of calm and much-needed tranquillity right in the centre of London. The message to all our members, students and visitors was - this is your centre. It exists because of you and for you’.

So much benefit and joy, all resulting from those original donations.  

The future: why we need your help

Now, more than 22 years on, we again look to the future.  So many things have changed and yet so much remains the same. The London landscape has been transformed and technology has opened up new ways of communicating and learning. The eagerness, from all generations across all backgrounds to learn more about living with compassion and wisdom still remains.
There is so much potential, to develop and enhance our activities, to take our work further whilst, at the same time, strengthening our foundations.
Embracing new technology and developing our internal systems will help us improve and expand our activities in so many other ways. A new website will make our communications with members, visitors and volunteers much clearer. It will enable us to bring our teachings and workshops online.  We have already seen just how popular livestreaming is, with many thousands joining live events last year. Our precious Dharma work will reach a much wider audience, in London, the UK and beyond!
All this, in turn, will enhance the scope of our work and profile, and enable us to invite in more teachers, expanding the potential of the centre.

Utilising technology can also transform our beloved Old Courthouse, the heart of our community.  A new (direly needed!) boiler will keep us all warm-and reduce our bills. Whilst a general upgrade of WC facilities will enhance mobility access and deliver additional much-needed restroom amenities. We will also improve our library; the repository of learning and reflection. It will be re-organised; resulting in a better layout, access and use for all.  Finally, attention to the brickwork, the very fabric of our home will ensure all this Dharma work will be protected and weatherproofed for years to come!

Jamyang exists because of you and for you

Twenty-two years on, together the Jamyang family can, once again, take our amazing Centre into the future. Back then 100 people gave £1,000 and, in doing so, built the foundations on which our wonderful community has flourished. Now, if 1,000 people can pledge £100 - we can move forward, enhancing, developing and expanding our precious activities, reaching out not only across London but also across the world.

We know it is a huge ask but would you consider donating £100 to help us achieve our goal? Jamyang is a priceless wish-fulfilling jewel, right in the heart of London. Let’s all come together and raise the funds we need to build our future.

Jamyang exists because of you and for you. If everyone receiving this letter were to make a donation, we would hit our target. Every contribution counts.

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