Dear Jamyang Friends,


As today is a special and important day for all the followers of the Buddha’s teachings: we commemorate the anniversary upon which Shakyamuni Buddha first began teaching the Dharma by teaching on the four noble truths.


And to celebrate it, we would like to kindly offer our Autumn Programme!


Come and check all that’s waiting for you this autumn at Jamyang. Lots and lots of meditation and Buddhist teachings, and of course our dear Geshe Tashi.


Join our precious guru Lama Zopa Ripoche livestream on the Mani Retreat and help in the accumulation of mantras in October. 


We also have special guests like Glen Svensson with Mindfulness and Well-being in September, Geshe Sherab bringing the Buddhist teachings into our daily life in November, Andy Weber with the incredible Tara painting workshop in December, Steff Hill and the hard but wonderful Nyung Nayes also in the December, and much more.


For those starting, don’t miss our famous Monday Meditations and also on Thursdays our Meditation Practice with David Ford. Also on Thursdays our dear Alison continues with the powerful Silent Meditation and Vinod guiding us on our popular lunchtime meditation.

This autumn Geshe Tashi will teach on how to follow a Tara practice on Tuesdays, and on Wednesdays Geshe la will guides us into the final part of the Lam Rim focusing on Emptiness.

For the more advanced, Essence of Eloquences continues making sure we all gradually follow our paths to Enlightenment. Also don’t miss the opportunity to truly practice what you learn on a debate session with our dear Geshe Graham, in December.

The Basic Programme fellows are also back with lots of Middle Length Lam Rim with our dear Andy W and Shan T.

Let’s not forget the Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction course, all our secular activities with FDCW (16Guidelines and A.r.t of fulfilment) and also all our well-being courses with Tai Chi, different types of Yoga and the Repaying the Kindness programmes.

Also come and join us in our Three Months Residential Volunteering Program, to start from September this year and onwards.

This is a great opportunity to be of service to others, by engaging in a community that shares the desire to offer spiritual support and kindness to all living beings.

There’s always something to benefit yourself and those around you. But, as the Buddha said: ‘I can only show you the path, you are the one who has to follow it.’

We are waiting for you to join us!

With best wishes and prayers,

Jamyang Team

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