Jamyang has a regular programme of prayers and ceremonies (pujas).

We have a prayer dedication book for people to put in the names of people they wish us to say prayers for, so please feel free to either come in and write in the names yourself, or send in names in an email or leave a message on the answer phone with the names.

Jamyang has a regular programme of prayers and ceremonies (pujas).

Tara puja
Tara puja is considered an energising, activating practice and
helpful to remove obstacles and to bring success to projects and to bring about physical and emotional wellbeing.

Medicine Buddha puja 
Medicine Buddha puja is considered a healing, calming, clarifying practice and is usually done for the benefit of the sick and the dead.

Twice a month on the 10th and 25th days of the Tibetan lunar calendar we offer a Lama Choepa Guru puja with Tsok.
This celebrates the kindness of our teachers and the magnificence of the Buddhist tradition. The Tsok offering is a tantric Buddhist celebration practice. The puja is considered to generally bring good fortune.

We also occasionally hold public recitations of three Buddhist Sutras, the Sanghata Sutra, the Sutra of Golden Light, and the Vajra Cutter (or Diamond) Sutra.

Recitation of the Sanghata Sutra is considered to bring resources and prosperity. Recitation of the Sutra of Golden Light is considered to grant protection from disaster and trouble to the areas where it is recited. Recitation of the Vajra Cutter Sutra is considered beneficial in removing physical and emotional hindrances to well being and success.

For those who have died, when we can, we offer the ceremony of bardo period light offerings. Every 7th day after someone has died until the 49th day we offer on behalf of the deceased 108 candles with Medicine Buddha Puja and recitation of the King of Prayers, a prayer highly recommended to recite on behalf of those who have just died. Our being able to offer this depends on what else in happening in the small temple here and whether people who know the ritual are here to do it.

Traditionally, Buddhists make merit for projects or for people by sponsoring pujas, recitations of sutras and prayers, and we offer these opportunities too.
When sponsoring a puja, please tell us what you want the spiritual energy (merit) dedicated too.

  • To sponsor a Tara or a Medicine Buddha puja costs £20.
  • To sponsor a Lama Choepa Guru Choepa costs £30.
  • To sponsor a bardo period light offering (seven offerings of 108 candles with recitation of the King of Prayers) costs £70 or £10 for one session.
  • To sponsor a recitation of one of the Buddhist Sutras costs £30.

Please get in touch with the Spiritual Programme Coordinator (SPC) if you would like to sponsor any of these on: spc [at] jamyang.co.uk


Jamyang is an affiliated centre of the 
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

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