FPMT Foundational level courses

There are three FPMT recognised Foundational level courses: 

1) Heart Advice for Death and Dying

2) Living in the Path

3) Discovering Buddhism

1/ Heart Advice for Death and Dying
Awareness of our own mortality, the unique opportunities we have right now and of practices to help the dead, dying and terminally ill form an important part of the motivation for seeking freedom from unenlightened existence for Buddhists.
Course content
  • impermanence and death
  • the nine-point meditation on death
  • the process of dying
  • preparing for death
  • practising the five powers
  • caring for the dying and the dead
  • essential activities at death time
  • the benefits of the Medicine Buddha practice
  • mantras to benefit the dying and dead
We aim to offer this course at least once a year as either a series of five midweek evenings or as a two-day weekend course or as a one-day weekend course.  Please check programme for details.
This course is available as a home study course online.  Please visit the [FPMT Online Learning Centre], register and start learning.

2/ Living in the Path
A new and evolving course directly taught by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche with three modules so far and more to come, giving structure and direction to our practice
Course content
  • Taking the Essence: Essential advice for making a perfect human life meaningful in every moment
  • Practice Instructions: Why and how to do certain prayers and practices
  • Realizing the Lamrim: Teachings on the lamrim topics and explanations of lamrim texts
We aim to offer the first module of this course as an onsite course sometime in 2020
This course is available as a home study course online.  Please visit the [FPMT Online Learning Centre], register and starting studying

3/ Discovering Buddhism
The first 13 modules of the course take about 2.5 years to complete, though if done intensively this can be shortened to 1.5 years.  Module 14 will usually take students longer, though again, if done intensively the practices can also usually be completed within 1.5 years.  A broad introduction to key teachings and practices in Tibetan Buddhism.
Course content
  • Mind and Its Potential
  • How to Meditate
  • Presenting the Path
  • The Spiritual Teacher
  • Death and Rebirth
  • All About Karma
  • Refuge in the Three Jewels
  • Establishing a Daily Practice
  • Samsara and Nirvana
  • How to Develop Bodhichitta
  • Transforming Problems
  • Wisdom of Emptiness
  • Introduction to Tantra
  • Special Integration Experiences
We are offering this course onsite from  2019 onwards starting in the Spring programme with two Sundays looking at two of the special integration experiences, Vajrasattva Practice and Thirty Five Confession Buddha Practice.  Please see the Spring programme for details. in the summer programme we are offering another of the special integration experiences a double session of the Chenrezig Nyung Nay fasting retreat over 2 days (4 full days with an evening before and a morning after).
This course is available as a home study course online.  Please visit the FPMT Online Learning Centre, register and start your journey.

Foundational level equivalent courses devised by Khen Rinpoche Tashi Tsering:

Please visit Khen Rinpoche' Tashi Tserings personal website to find out more about his courses

The Lam Rim Chen Mo course takes about 2.5 years to complete. 

Generally, in each of the three programmes at Jamyang each year, the learning programmes on offer at Jamyang London include Foundational level equivalent courses and events.

In 2019 these will be offered by our new resident teacher Gesage Tenzin Namdak, by FPMT registered teachers of Discovering Buddhism and by senior students of Khen Rinpoche Tashi Tsering.  

Please look in our online calendar for the current offering.  


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