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LIVE EVENT | Geshe Tashi's Teachings - Middle Length Lam Rim WED - Middle Length Lam Rim | 7 Feb - 28 Mar | 19:00 - 20:30 UK time
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Volunteering at Jamyang is a great way to practice dharma and we immensly appreciate the help of our volunteers!

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The Courthouse Community Centre (CCC) is the sister charity of Jamyang Buddhist Centre.

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Check here what's on at Jamyang Buddhist Centre.

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The CafeatJamyang is a unique, friendly place in South London situated in a beautiful, historic old Victorian courthouse, courtyard and walled garden.

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We have three spaces available for hire as meeting or event spaces; the Tara Room, the Old Courtroom and the Library. As accommodation we have four cells available.

For more information please access our Jamyang Rooms website.

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Affiliated with FPMT

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