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Volunteer for Jamyang London Buddhist Centre

Volunteers are the bedrock and foundation of all we do at Jamyang London Buddhist Centre.

Why volunteer?  

By offering their time in service, our volunteers can make a real difference in maintaining the centre as an oasis of refuge and spiritual practice amidst the hustle and bustle of London.  

In addition, they have the opportunity to develop professional skills and inner qualities like resilience, warm-heartedness and selflessness.  

Our 3-month and 12-month residential volunteer programs offer a unique and entirely immersive experience in which to live as part of Dharma community and offer service.

Who we are looking for?

As part of our ongoing efforts to make Jamyang a more diverse and inclusive community, we are keen to hear from Black and Global Majority people, members of the LGBTQ+ community, young people, and people who self-identify as disabled or differently-abled.​  We at Jamyang are committed to equality of opportunity for all staff and volunteers. Applications from individuals are encouraged regardless of age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religious and spiritual beliefs, and sexual orientation. We actively encourage people from a variety of backgrounds with different skills and experiences to join us and help develop our working practice.

What does volunteering entail? 

  • Use your skills we enjoy matching volunteers with work that mirrors their skills and interests. Work in our centre is varied and there are plenty of opportunities benefit Jamyang with your unique skill set.
  • Learn and develop our volunteers have the chance to develop new skills in areas in which Jamyang depends and relies on, from hospitality and housekeeping, tech support and digital content to maintenance and events.

Expand your Buddhist Practice: ideal volunteers will have a strong interest in Buddhism, whether they are at the start of their journey or have a strong foundation of service and practice. A natural strength of character, calmness and emotional maturity, as well as an eagerness to offer help and take on responsibility, are all favorable qualities. 

Experience community life Jamyang is a busy and bustling Dharma centre that operates 7 days a week in a major global city; volunteering here means being part of a transient residential team and part of the wider Jamyang community – while life at the centre is far from that of life at a retreat centre, we rejoice in the vibrant connections our location and activities offer. 

Resident Volunteer 3 months: Become part of the core team at Jamyang and use your skills to help support the success and activity of the centre. Volunteers benefit from direct access to teachings, vegetarian food and accommodation in central London. The 35 per hour a week commitment allows for a fully immersive experience in offering service within a Dharma centre and making daily activities part of your Buddhist practice.

Resident Volunteer 12 months: Upon completion of the 3 month volunteer program, some volunteers wish to continue offering service for a longer period of time. At this point we accept applications for Karma Yogis to apply for our 12 month program; the most important deciding factor being the continued experience is of benefit for both the volunteer and the centre.

Anything else I should know?  

To create conditions that are conducive to harmonious living, residents at Jamyang London Buddhist Centre are asked to abide by the Five Mahayana Precepts whilst in the building. They are:  

  1. Preserve life. This includes the lives of our smallest, most abundant, and at times, most difficult insects.  
  2. Respect other people’s property accepting only what is offered.  
  3. Speak only what is true. Dishonesty, gossip and divisive speech create disharmony.  
  4. Protect the integrity of others refraining from sexual activity
  5. Cultivate clarity and concentration of the mind by abstaining from intoxicants and mind-altering substances including, drugs, alcohol, vapes and cigarettes.  

How to apply

 If our Karma Yogi program sounds right for you simply fill in our  Resident Volunteer application form and email [email protected] once complete. We look forward to hearing from you.