Meet some of our people: Olivia Till

Olivia Till, our new librarian.

Liv has been part of the Karma Yogi volunteer team for the past three months and has been working on modernizing the cataloguing of the Jamyang library. She is now kindly volunteering as our librarian.

Olivia Till

When & how did your journey with Jamyang begin? 

When I realised that some questions about reality could not be answered by my science degree course, I wanted to find out more. In the Summer of 2021, as part of this journey, I offered my service to Jamyang as a Karma Yogi. I found my purpose when I was helping to rearrange tables in the library and noticed that the sorting system required updating. I was invited to develop a project proposal and this was quickly approved and expanded. I have continued to work on this project and have recently taken on the role of librarian. 

What does the Jamyang community mean to you? 

Many visitors have remarked to me that the tranquil atmosphere of the Old Courthouse aids their Buddhist practice and helps them to generate a calm mind. Helping to provide the public with a place for study, contemplation, and reflection, and seeing the benefits this brings, makes offering my service worthwhile and rewarding. Jamyang is a hidden jewel of peacefulness within the hustle-and-bustle of everyday London life. 

Thinking of Jamyang in five years’ time, what (if anything) do you think or hope we could be doing differently or offering more/less of? 

Looking to the future, I hope to transform the library into a scholarly and social space that opens up these important works and teachings to the wider community. This includes a new digitalisation of the library’s content as well as the acquisition of books aimed at our young, and recreational readers. Throughout the year, I will be making changes to this effect and welcome the feedback and advice of Jamyang’s wider community.