New interview with Thupten Jinpa by Science & Wisdom LIVE

Thanks to Science & Wisdom LIVE a new interview with Thupten Jinpa, PhD, founder and chairman of Compassion Institute, has just come out.

Dr. Thupten Jinpa is a renowned Buddhist scholar and practitioner, chair of the Mind & Life Institute, and co-founder of the Compassion Institute. Dr. Jinpa holds a PhD in religious studies from Cambridge University, and served for decades as the Dalai Lama’s principal translator.
In this interview with Scott Snibbe, Dr. Jinpa talks about the relationship between science and Buddhism, discussing the role of critical thinking in contemplative practices and scientific inquiry. He also focuses on the powerful role of compassion, on how ethical principles can help us address the climate crisis, and on the key virtues that promote fulfilling relationships and harmonious family life.
This episode is the fruit of a collaboration between Science & Wisdom LIVE and A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment.
If you’d like to learn more from Dr. Jinpa’s, he’s currently leading an online course at the Compassion Institute on Building Compassion from the Inside Out, in which he is sharing the context and framework for bringing a conscious, intentional and systematic approach to compassion into your daily experiences. Additionally, with Jinpa’s guidance, you’ll explore the origins and science behind compassion as well as its practical applications.