Science & Wisdom LIVE

Science & Wisdom LIVE brings meditation practitioners in conversation with scientists to address the problems of contemporary society and come to new possible solutions.


Science & Wisdom LIVE addresses the collective challenges that we are facing in our contemporary world by investigating new tools to promote individual and collective well-being, which are grounded in ethical values and informed by scientific research.

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Science & Wisdom LIVE Dialogues

These dialogues aim to enrich our insight, wisdom, and understanding of mind and life. Each dialogue investigates a specific sub-theme and explores the middle ground between science and contemplative traditions.

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Science Day

A recurring special event that happens twice a year, on Saturday and incorporates both talks, dialogues, and practical workshops or meditations to enter the path of personal transformation.

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Lighthouse Dialogues

Twice or thrice a year, author Vicki MacKenzie will interview spiritual ‘lighthouses’, experienced contemplative practitioners whose wisdom and compassion could function as a lighthouse – a beacon of light and understanding – for our society.

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Podcast & Videos

Discover the interviews with speakers and participants, as well as people working in a similar field as the theme of SWL events.

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Jamyang Buddhist Centre London is starting an e-Learning programme in 2022, in collaboration with Science & Wisdom LIVE. More details coming soon

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