Meet the Meridian Team and discover their new website!

More than 3,500 hours of Tibetan Buddhist film content is now set to reach a wider audience. 

Over the quiet days of winter, the small team at Meridian has dedicated much time to completing their new website – a beautiful vessel, to hold and share their extensive film archive. Their motivation was to provide a better service for scholars, Dharma students and all interested in Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Kaska Phuntsok (Director of Projects) and Emma Lewis (Administrative Director) have been working with Copenhagen based web developers, ‘We Add Motion’ to transform Meridian’s film streaming site, through which they share hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist resources with the world. 

On the new site we will be sharing the Trust’s historical archive, alongside our contemporary content. We have spent the last two years editing, jointly, with the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, almost 40 years’ worth of Dharma materials, lockdowns, remote working across thousands of miles and monsoon internet disruption, well, they all presented some challenging spaces: often diffused with humour, not least from wonderful Geshe la (Geshe Lhakdor is the longtime director of The Library). 

And the result makes the whole process seem so worthwhile, with 89 collections, which we are looking forward to sharing directly with the Tibetan community and with the world, via our new website.

It felt so important to us, to be able to offer the precious content in a simple and clear way. Even with the help of web designers from Copehagen and Sri Lanka it was no small undertaking, to manage more than 3,000 hours of film materials! Yet we knew we were on the right track when we had the opportunity to show a ‘draft’ of the new site to Ven Fabienne and Kamlo Chen-Duffy. 

Also having the eye and knowledge of picture researcher, Jane Moore (our newest Trustee) proved a real bonus. Jane and Kaska spent many evening sessions, poring over hundreds of pictures and illustrations. 

The responses we have received so far have been heart-warming. We hope the result will delight Dharma students. We are looking forward to bringing more content into our translations area, continuing our filming work and promoting the site, to bring the message of Tibetan Buddhism compassion and wisdom to a new audience.