Jamyang thrives on the kindness of volunteers and has done for over 40 years. Here is your chance to help and be part of this inspiring journey.

Residential Volunteering for Jamyang

Volunteers are the bedrock and foundation of all we do at Jamyang London Buddhist Centre.

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​Local and Remote Volunteering for Jamyang

Our program is open to Londoners and to those who would like to offer their skills and expertise in support of Jamyang’s developing scope in a digital or remote capacity.

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Digital Volunteering Science & Wisdom ​Live

Are you interested in the intersection of science and contemplative practices? Do you have time to spare? Consider joining Science & Wisdom LIVE’s team as a volunteer

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Local Volunteering Courthouse Community ​Centre

Courthouse Community Centre offers many opportunities to volunteer in their secular activities, from helping with school visits to helping with our carers’ events.

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