We are reopening

Jamyang London Reopening Plan


Roadmap Jamyang London Reopening


Jamyang London Buddhist Centre is gradually opening up following lockdown and we are able to offer some limited services.

Anyone entering the building must wear a mask at all times. We have sanitising stations, screens, a one-way system and regular cleaning in place. As always our priority is supporting those who are most vulnerable in our community, including frail and isolated pensioners, residents experiencing financial difficulties and households affected by sickness.

Opening up – what’s our plan?

We aim to reopen gradually and cautiously. We understand this may be frustrating to some however we are choosing a deliberately slow approach. The Old Courthouse building is a complex multi-use community space that includes a resident community. Our responsibility is to all users of the building.

The order of re-opening will be:


  • Personal practice: 6-9 slots/week available in the small temple
  • Group Pujas: 4-8 slots available to attend Tara Puja (every Tuesday) and Medicine Buddha Puja (every Thursday) and Lama Chopa Tsogs.


  • Dharma Classes: Selected classes by Geshe Namdak. Other classes will remain online for the time being.
  • Yoga: Classes outdoor in the Park
  • Guest House: We added an en-suite double room to the existing four single rooms.
  • Courtyard Café: We are working towards re-opening for the Summer and are in conversation with potential pop-up partners.


  • Venue Hire: Room rentals for workshops and team meetings.


  • Date to be defined