What We Do


Jamyang London Buddhist Centre About Jamyang London Buddhist Centre

An oasis of calm and much-needed tranquillity right in the centre of London. Discover more about who we are. Read More



Buddhist Courses and Practices

Buddhist TeachingsBuddhist Teachings

We offer a structured curriculum of courses and classes on Buddhist philosophy and practice, as well as secular meditation, for all levels of experience. Read More


Prayer Jamyang London Buddhist CentrePrayer Dedication Request 

We offer a regular programme of prayers and ceremonies (pujas). Please fill the form “Dedicate a Prayer” on the homepage if you would like to sponsor a puja or add a name to the dedication list. 


Science and Contemplative Events

Science & Wisdom Live

Contemplative Practitioners and Scientists in Conversation through, events, live streaming, videos, podcast, and the most recent Lighthouse Dialogue. Read More



Mental Wellbeing

Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Courses

Try our calm guided meditation sessions that can help participants to relax and improve their mental wellbeing. Mindfulness meditation helps keep you in the moment and provides physical and mental health benefits, too. Upcoming Events

Community Wellbeing

Buddha Dying Jamyang LondonDying Well Group 

Tibetan Buddhism offers a vast range of practices to help us understand death and bereavement. The Dying Well project recently received an award from the Faith and Belief Forum. 


death CafeDeath Cafe

Death Cafe is a space for an open and confidential discussion, offering a conducive and friendly environment to talk about, increase awareness of, and remove the stigma around death. The project recently received an award from the Faith and Belief Forum.  Upcoming events 


Carer Support Group

Repaying the Kindness (Carer Support Group) 

This award-winning secular project was established to nurture and support carers in ways that strengthen their sense of well-being and help to reduce stress through a range of activities. Upcoming events 



Interfaith Buddhism

Interfaith Activities 

As representatives of faith communities, we support interfaith and intra-Buddhist activities being, and offer spiritual advice and teachings through various projects. Read More 


School Visit at Jamyang LondonSchool Visits 

We welcome students from primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities, who would like to learn more about Buddhism as part of their religious studies. Read More 





The Good Heart Cafe

The Good Heart Cafe is project exploring kindness and generosity through food. The cafe is due to launch late Spring 2022 with the Community Courthouse Charity guiding the launch; we are currently recruiting for a freelance Cafe Development Worker to be involved in the project.



London Lotus Guesthouse single room

The Lotus Guesthouse

The holding cells of the former historic courthouse have become what must are arguably London’s quirkiest guest rooms.



Venue Hire Jamyang London Buddhist CentreRoom Hire 

Our rooms are an ideal space for any meeting that requires a naturally peaceful and quiet atmosphere, conducive to communication and harmony. Read More


Garden Jamyang LondonCommunity Garden

Our community garden is the ideal oasis to relax or work. It was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama in 1999 and in 2010 it was awarded the title of “Best Sacred Space” in London.


LibraryLibrary and Bookshop 

Our library has a large collection of books on Tibetan Buddhism, from history and art to philosophy and practice, and is available to all. 



Jamyang London Buddhist CentreTouring 

Explore the historic Old Courthouse which is now home to a Tibetan Buddhist Centre by joining a guided tour. Please get in touch with us to plan your visit 


Physical Wellbeing

Wellbeing at Jamyang London Buddhist CentreMindful Movement  (Chi Kung and Yoga)

Every weekend a full immersion of yoga, tai-chi, meditation, healing sound therapy, and more. Read More



Jamyang WalksWalks 

Join us for a convivial guided walk as a chance to meet members of our community, old and new alike. Get some fresh air and stretch your legs off of London’s beaten track.