Shrine Room | Meditation Room

A dedicated space to meditate in London.

This Meditation Room in Jamyang Buddhist Centre is also called “Shrine Room” or “Small Gompa” (Gompa: from the Tibetan dgon pa, literally meaning ‘remote place’ far away from the distractions of everyday life) is a unique space in London, decorated in the traditional stylised form of a Tibetan Buddhist temple.

Many mediation practitioners at Jamyang Buddhist Centre have sat in this room for practice, contemplation and reflection, evident in the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the space reflected in its mediative qualities.  In this room, there are several statues, Discover more about the Buddha’s statues at Jamyang Buddhist Centre.

Jamyang London Buddhist Centre invites people of all backgrounds, faiths and approaches who may find value in this quiet and meditative space, to make use of the meditation room whenever the need arises; with soft lighting, Buddhist imagery and iconography to reflect upon and inspire, and a warm, intimate feeling, this public room is open to all.