Jamyang Buddhist Centre has been creating space for people to open their hearts and sharpen their minds since 1978.

From humble to begins of travelers and spiritual seekers inviting the first Tibetan Lamas to come to the west, to the globally inspiring London based Centre  we have today, Jamyang is inspiring in some many ways. One of the most noteworthy, being that the Centre has always predominantly been supported by the kindness and generosity of you, our students and community. 

As we prepare to look forward to our 50th anniversary, we wish to rejoice in every act of generosity, from offerings of the smallest flowers to inspiring gifts, donations and sponsors that help to create the ongoing causes and conditions for Jamyang to continue sharing Buddhism in the West. 

It is in that spirit that we have crafted our legacy giving fund; a fund which creates space people to think of Jamyang as they plan giving in their wills. 

Through this fund we are creating a space where the legacy of your generosity reaches through generations, spreading the teachings of compassion and wisdom and empowers Jamyang to continue it’s good hearted work in sharing the Dharma and preserving the Mahayana Tradition.  

Understanding Legacy Giving 

Legacy giving is a profound way to make a lasting difference. It allows you to designate a portion of your estate, a cash gift or other such donations such as stocks and shares, to support the Jamyang community, ensuring that your centre continues to thrive. 

 Your legacy gift helps sustain our centre’s vital programs, supports our teachers, monastic community and preserves our sacred spaces. It is a way to ensure that the light of Dharma continues to shine brightly. 

How You Can Make a Difference 

 Including a legacy donation for Jamyang in your will may easier than you might think.  

Types of Gifts  

The two most common ways in which you can leave a legacy to Jamyang are Residuary and Pecuniary giving. Your solicitor will be able to advise you on what is most appropriate for your personal situation, and please know that all gifts, no matter their size, are gratefully received. Every meritful donation we receive is put to good use ensuring Jamyang can continue it’s work rooted in community. 

A Residuary Gift – A share of your estate 

Once you have made provisions for those near and dear to you, and tax requirements have been settled, you have the option to leave the remainder, or a share, of your estate to Jamyang. This is a simple way to hold Jamyang in your will, no matter your change in circumstances, and with no need to continually alter legal paperwork once the Residuary Gift is made in your will. 

A Pecuniary gift – A monetary gift  

This type of gift is a specific sum of money, that you have chosen to leave to Jamyang Buddhist Centre. This can be any size and shaped around what makes the most sense for you. If you already have a will in place, you won’t need to write a new one to leave a cash gift, you can simply make a ‘Codicil’ (a document that supplements your existing will) 

An unrestricted gift 

No matter what type of gift you choose to leave Jamyang, there is an option to specify that your gift be treated as ‘unrestricted’ by our charity. This means Jamyang can put the gift to the best, carefully considered use, depending on the needs of the centre. 

We understand however that some people may wish for their gift to be used for specific purposes, such as supporting The Sanctuary Project, or taking care of our resident Teacher and monastic community. However you feel inspired to give, your gifts are most welcome and we will gratefully honour your wishes. 

Joining the Jamyang Legacy Fund 

 Becoming a member of the Legacy Fund means joining a community of compassionate donors dedicated to the future of our centre. Members receive special recognition, unless they choose to remain anonymous, and invitations to our annual Friends and Legacy events. Legacy members may also dedicate their donation, as per the custom of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and Jamyang will honour any such wishes. 

Jamyang London Sanctuary

The Impact of Your Generosity 

Giving in your will has far reaching benefits in aiding Jamyang in continuing its work in sharing Dharma education and supporting our communities. This mission manifests in many different ways, and relies on many interdependencies. 

Our biggest endeavour at present is the Sanctuary Project, a Vast Vision for Jamyang that aims to conserve and care for our 155 year old building, making it an accessible, inclusive heart based place of contemplative calm, compassion and kindness, ready for today, tomorrow and the forth coming generations of Jamyang London. 

Leaving a legacy in your will help to bring this project to life and will benefit an unimaginable number of people far into the future. 

We’re Here to Help 

Do you have questions or need guidance? The Jamyang team is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have around legacy donations.

Simply send us message and we will be in touch.

We understand discussions around end of life activity can be challenging, if you are considering joining the Legacy fund, and would like to discuss the emotional and caring aspects of giving, our Legacy fund community member Diana, would be happy to hear from you. 

Our commitment to you 

 We promise to honor your legacy by managing your gift with the utmost care, ensuring that it is used efficiently and transparently to support the mission and values of Jamyang 

We commit to respecting your wishes and intentions, expressing our deepest gratitude for your contribution, and recognising the profound impact of your generosity on our community. 

We pledge to use your legacy gift to create lasting positive change, fostering the growth and sustainability of our programs and facilities for future generations to benefit from our teachings and community. 

We ensure that all discussions and decisions regarding your legacy gift are handled with the highest level of confidentiality and integrity, providing you with peace of mind and trust in our commitment. 

We vow to maintain a personal connection with you, keeping you informed about the impact of your gift and inviting you to be part of our ongoing journey through regular updates and special events. 

We dedicate ourselves to honoring your legacy by integrating your values and vision into our work, ensuring that your contribution continues to inspire and support our community long into the future.