Please consider donating

Show your support by making a donation towards the maintenance of the Buddhist and Contemplative Educational Programme.

Jamyang Buddhist Centre relies on the money we raise through the commercial activities such as the guesthouse or rental of our rooms to deliver the Buddhist and Contemplative educational programme and all the community activities.

Your donations help us to make Buddhism accessible to everyone, provide vital support for our Buddhist Centre, fund educational programmes and enable us to keep our activities accessible for everyone to discover and enjoy.

How your Donations Help

  • Our community has broadened, with 350 students around the world enrolled in the long term study programmes
  • A vast network of teacher assistants and helpers has emerged to make these study programmes available
  • Science & Wisdom LIVE flourished with thought-provoking dialogues between renowned scientists and contemplatives such as Dr Carlo Rovelli, Dr Rupert Sheldrake and Dr Vandana Shiva, which soon will be turned into E-Learning Programmes.
  • To support these activities, we welcomed new team members and long-term resident volunteers into our outstanding team and community.

None of this would be possible without the vital support of our benefactors, students and volunteers.

To see how donations have helped in the last year, download our latest annual report.