Buddhist Studies

Jamyang London Buddhist Centre delivers a curriculum of Buddhist study programmes developed both by our Resident Teacher, Geshe Namdak, and FPMT.

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Intro Meditation

Introductory Level: Where do I start?

If you’re completely new to Buddhism or meditation, and if you would like to find out more, these courses are perfect for beginners.



Buddhism Discovering

Foundation Level: Discovering Buddhism

Discovering Buddhism is a course that has been developed by FPMT. It offers students a thorough introduction to Buddhist philosophy and practice. Jamyang is currently midway through its current cycle of Discovering Buddhism.



Geshe Namdak

Intermediate Level: New Programme

We’re very excited to announce a new study programme, which Geshe Namdak will be piloting in Autumn 2021. It will be a natural progression from Discovering Buddhism and preparation for Basic Programme. But since it will also include subject matter found in neither of those courses, such as Buddhist Traditions, Grounds and Paths, and Reasoning, it will function well as a stand-alone course as well.


Basic Programme

Advanced Level: Basic Programme

Basic Programme is an in-depth study course on Buddhist philosophy and practice developed by FPMT. Jamyang launched a new 5-year cycle of Basic Programme in October 2021. Prospective students who missed enrolment will have the opportunity to join the current cycle when registration opens for the second subject, Tenets, which will begin in Autumn 2021.