Affinity Groups @ Jamyang

Equality, Diversity and inclusivity through community

Jamyang London Sanctuary

Discover our first affinity groups for the community at The Old Courthouse

Through creating intentional spaces for folks to meet in a relaxed Dharma environment, we are co-creating and supporting spaces that make our community truly welcoming for all. Our Affinity groups are community and student create and supported and facilitated by peers and like minded individuals.

Rainbow Sangha

The Rainbow Sangha group is a safe space for those of all identities and affiliations in the LGBTQ+ community. It is a group that meets regularly to engage in meditation, practice and Dharma discussion in a supportive community environment

Rainbow Sangha Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats are an informal space where folks from the LGBTQ+ who are curious about Buddhism, Mediation and the Dharma, and gather in a relaxed and informal way to chat and ask questions with peers in the cosy setting of the Jamyang Courtyard Cafe.

Black & Curious about Buddhism

Our Black and Curious about Buddhism group is facilitated by our Spiritual Program Coordinator, Losang Wangyel. It is an intentional space for those of Black heritage who would like to explore their Buddhist spiritual journey with others.