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Welcome to Jamyang Buddhist Centre, an oasis of peace in the heart of London

The Ordinated Sangha of Jamyang London Buddhist Centre, from the left: Spiritual Program Coordinator, Venerable Wangyel; AV Technician, Venerable Konchok; our Resident Teacher, Geshe Namdak; FPMT UK Coordinator, Venerable Barbara; Centre Director, Venerable Drolma.

A welcome message from Geshe Tenzin Namdak and Ven. Drolma

Look at this video, which includes a welcome message from Geshe Tenzin Namdak, our Resident Teacher and Ven. Drolma, our Executive Director, and a building tour to introduce you to Jamyang London Buddhist Centre.

Upcoming Meditation Sessions for Beginners

Monday Meditation

with Vicki Mackenzie

Monday 18:30 -19:15

Tired, stressed, world-weary? Wondering what life is all about? Drop in to Monday Meditation and spend some time discovering the peace and profound meaning that lies within. 

How to Meditate?

with Roy Sutherwood

Sunday 9:30 -10:30

These meditation drop-in sessions are secular and have been created so that like-minded people can meet, meditate and learn how to meditate together.

Dharma Express Meditation

Tuesdays, 18:30 – 20:00

This drop-in group meets on Tuesday evenings for meditation and discussion about the Buddhist way of life, and it offers an opportunity to build a meaningful community with people who care about practice and mindfulness. People of all experience levels are welcome.

Upcoming Events


Lovely welcoming place and people. This centre really contributes very positively to the community and fellow travellers on the Eightfold path. Amazing libarary and terrace as well. Highly recommend checking out their program via the diary on the website or just popping in. – B Burgess


Jamyang is such a wonderful, welcoming, peaceful and warm place. I enjoy all their programs, the quality of the teachings and the knowledge of the teachers. The centre is beautiful, spacious and instantly makes you feel home. I stayed in the lotus guesthouse, which, as well, is a great place to stay if you travel to Jamyang from afar. I’d definitely recommend to have a look at their diverse program, visit them in person or just pop around to sit in the peaceful courtyard cafe. Thank you, Jamyang, for being a place of refuge 🙏 – Nadja-Maurina Korner

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