Welcome to Jamyang Buddhist Centre

A place to cultivate good hearts and sharp minds, discover meditation and mindfulness, study and explore Buddhism and experience the joys of community in the heart of London and around the world.

Meet Jamyang’s Resident Teacher, Geshe Namdak

Explore our mediation offerings, design to welcome new meditators and those curious about mindfulness, Buddhism and the spiritual path.

with Roy Sutherwood

Every Sunday 9:30 -10:30

These meditation drop-in sessions are secular and have been created so that like-minded people can meet, meditate and learn how to meditate together.

Peer led meditations

Every Tuesday 18:30 – 20:00

This drop-in group meets on Tuesday evenings for meditation and discussion about the Buddhist way of life, and it offers an opportunity to build a meaningful community with people who care about practice and mindfulness. People of all experience levels are welcome.

Upcoming Events

Ready to learn more?

Check out our series below, designed to help answer questions for newcomers to meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism

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Let’s chat – if you’d like to know about which meditation class or course is right for you, get in touch

Freddie Jenkins

Assistant Spiritual program coordinator

Freddie would love to hear from you; he look’s after the classes and courses designed to welcome people into the world of mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist studies

Losang Wangyel

spiritual program coordinator

Ready for a more in-depth approach or perhaps you have specific questions around Buddhism and Dharma; reach out to Losang Wangyel and he’ll be able to provide some guidance