Interfaith Activities

To organise Interfaith and Intra-Buddhist Activities contact Jamyang’s Community Events Coordinator, Jane Sill.

Interfaith Buddhism

 Here are some of our Interfaith and Intra-Buddhist Activities.  

  • Jamyang is one of the Buddhist representatives on the local Lambeth interfaith group, Faiths Together in Lambeth (FTiL) an interfaith group which was formally launched in July 2009 at a gathering of over 80 representatives of faith communities, organisations and groups.   
  • Jamyang is also represented on the UK Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO) and keeps in close contact with the Buddhist Society and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of London University.  
  • With the Liberation Prison Project, we offer spiritual advice and teachings, as well as Dharma books and materials, to people in prison interested in exploring, studying and practicing Buddhism.   
  • We also provide a Buddhist chaplain to the chaplaincy team at the Royal Brompton Hospital.