Residential Volunteering

Volunteer at Jamyang Buddhist Centre London

Start your volunteering adventure with Jamyang Buddhist Centre London as part of our kind-hearted community

What is a ‘Residential Volunteer’?

Offering service is a beautiful way to incorporate Spiritual Practice into your everyday life. A residential volunteer creates merit by offering service as daily work at Jamyang Buddhist Centre London. The best way to understand the role of a residential volunteer is as someone who performs selfless actions to benefit others.

Why Volunteer?

Jamyang Buddhist Centre London thrives because of its dedicated team of volunteers. Our many activities and projects depend on the skills, time and service of that volunteering. In turn, Jamyang Buddhist Centre London offers an immersive live-in experience to be part of a Buddhist community in central London, attend Dharma classes and provides conducive conditions for practice.

Who are we looking for?

We welcome applications from all people, from those who have offered service before and are long-time practitioners to those just taking their first steps on the Buddhist path while discovering and learning. Our approach encompasses our Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity efforts, and the main requirement for all applicants is a kind heart.

Volunteering and Living Ethically at Jamyang Buddhist Centre London

At Jamyang Buddhist Centre London, there is a mixed community of monastics (ordained Buddhist sangha) and lay people (those who have not taken monastic vows). To support a harmonious living community for all, our volunteers all agree to live by the five Mahayana Precepts whilst living and offering service.

The Mahayana Precepts

  1. Preserve life. This includes the lives of our smallest, most abundant, and at times, most difficult insects.  ​
  2. Respect other people’s property accepting only what is offered.  ​
  3. Speak only what is true. Dishonesty, gossip and divisive speech create disharmony.  ​
  4. Protect the integrity of others by refraining from sexual activity​
  5. Cultivate clarity and concentration of the mind by abstaining from intoxicants and mind-altering substances including, drugs, alcohol, vapes and cigarettes.  

Volunteering at Jamyang Buddhist Centre London

Our residential volunteers all commit to a three-month volunteering period, offering service for 35 hours per week. This enables everyone to get the most from experience, put their skills to good use, strengthen their Spiritual practice and become part of the Jamyang community.

Offering Service Day to Day

We try our best to match our volunteers with their skill sets, providing opportunities to engage in work they enjoy. This is balanced with the everyday needs of the Buddhist centre as a place for meditation and Buddhist education. Roles which our volunteers adopt include team cook, housekeeper, tech assistant, hospitality co-ordinator and Temple-keeper.

How to Apply

Simply fill in the Resident Volunteer application form. 

Abroad Volunteers

The UK’s visa guidance has changed in recent years, as a general guide please view the information below, this is not a comprehensive overview and any applicant will need to have knowledge of their own visa status and needs before applying. 

European Union, EEA and Switzerland 

Volunteers from these regions can stay in the UK and volunteer for up to 6 months without any additional visa needs. We welcome applications from these regions. 

People coming from outside of the EU, EEA or Switzerland   

Applicants from any other region would need to be supported with a volunteer certificate of sponsorship. As this requires additional administrative logistics and financial resources from both the organisation and the applicant, please highlight this on your application form