Local and Remote Karma Yogi Volunteering @ Jamyang


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Offer your time and skills to help co-create the active and kind-hearted Jamyang you enjoy.

Our local and remote karma yogi program is open to all – we’re always on the look out for new team members

What is a local Karma Yogi volunteer?

A karma yogi is someone who springs into action to benefit others. At Jamyang our local Karma Yogi team are community members who offer service by volunteering their time and skills at the centre. Often the volunteers are London based or local to Jamyang and the activities they are involved in are on-site on a weekly basis. Read more below for the type of volunteer activities we engage with and how to apply.

What is a remote Karma Yogi volunteer?

Our remote Karma Yogi’s are often people who have a connection with Jamyang, through our online programs for example, who live internationally or elsewhere in the UK. The remote aspect of their volunteering means they offer service with offsite activity, this could be anything from proof reading and copy writing, to surveys and research or video editing and social media support. Find out more below.

Local Volunteer: Gardening

Jamyang has a beautiful potted courtyard garden and smaller walled garden too. Lively hedgerows and wisteria add to the greenery and our indoor plants create a sense of natural calm. Our plants require tending to on a weekly basis and we welcome volunteers with green fingers. Apply Here.


Local Volunteer: Painting and Maintenance

The old courthouse, home to Jamyang, is Grade II listed building that requires an eye for detail when it comes to decorative care, repairs and maintenance. We have an ongoing schedule of care for the building which would always benefit from an extra pair of hands. Apply Here.

Local Volunteer: Electrics and Plumbing

There’s always a project on the go that needs the expertise of qualified electrician or plumber. From helping to improve our energy efficiency to planning the best fittings and installation of light offerings for statues and art work, or advising and helping out with ad-hoc projects. Apply Here.

Local Volunteer: Cook

Cooking and offering food to our residential team, including our monastics Geshe Namdak and Venerable Fabienne, is joyful and meritful activity. Local volunteers are invited to come and get creative in the vegetarian Jamyang kitchen and to join to the team for lunch too. Apply Here.

Local Volunteer: Hospitality

With an varied array of evening and weekend activities on the schedule at Jamyang, our hospitality team provide a welcoming smile and help create the family feeling that’s so important to our centre. The hospitality team also look after the Dharma and bookshop and help to set up for events. Apply Here.

Local Volunteer: Housekeeping

We run a busy Guesthouse at Jamyang and the centre is open to the public 6 days per week. Our housekeeping team working effortlessly behind the scenes making sure the rooms are ready for guests and the centre is looking it’s best ready for all who knock on our door. Apply here.

Local Volunteer: Temple Volunteers

At Jamyang, we make daily offerings on our alters, arrange floral displays for the main temples (Tibetan: Gompa) and set out beautiful presentations for our Weekly Pujas and Teaching events. We are presently looking for local volunteers who would like to help us with the daily offerings and flowers. Read more here: Temple Volunteer at Jamyang

Local Volunteer: Community Engagement Coordinator

We currently looking for a volunteer to host at Jamyang London Climate Cafes as well as regular Human Library events, and a new series of inspiring Community & Documentary Screenings.  If you have a passion for the topics and a talent with people, this role could be ideal for you. Read more here: Community Engagement Coordinator

Remote or Local Finance Committee Member Volunteer

Jamyang needs to think creatively and make smart decisions about how to continue offering service and taking care of our staff and volunteers while ensuring the financial wellbeing of the center. If you care about Jamyang and its work, and have financial expertise can you help us with this task?  Read more here: Finance Committee Member